A blanket  a large piece of cloth, intended to keep the user warm, especially while sleeping or lying down. Blankets are distinguished from sheets by their thickness and purpose; the thickest sheet is still thinner than the lightest blanket. Blankets are generally used for warmth and comfort.

Blankets are made of wool because of wool’s warmth, breathability and natural fire-retardant properties. Blankets are often in decorative colors and patterns, that can be used for extra warmth and decoration on the outside of bed. Blankets are also used as comfort objects by small children.

The Company is capable of supplying around 100000 Blankets per month of different style & design in categories such as

These blankets are available in various Finishes, Sizes and Colors as per the specific requirement of clients with utmost quality fibre and state of the art technology. These blankets are produced by highly skilled and experienced team of professional under strict Quality Control and adherence to International Standard of manufacturing.